The HEM (Hydraulic Excavator Mount) is the most popular drilling attachment manufactured at TEI Rock Drills. The stable excavator base with long boom combine to form an excellent drilling platform. The HEM receives hydraulic power from the excavator’s hammer circuit; no additional hydraulic plumbing is required. TEI solely uses their patented hydraulic drifters and feed systems to build the HEM. These technically advanced drifters have an Automatic Stroke Adjustment or ASA. This feature brings the hammer into an idle mode when the drill string is not engaged. When the operator puts down pressure on the drill string the ASA automatically brings the hammer up to full power. A built-in swivel accepts air, water or grout for all types of drilling including the installation of the popular hollow bars.

Optional Features


    The MEM is the mid-weight excavator mount for 12 ton to 15 ton excavators. The MEM incorporates many of the same features of the larger HEM drilling attachment. The MEM features the newly redesigned lighter SCF Feed System.

    • Pullback Force: 2500 lbf (11121 N)
    • Drill Travel: 11 ft (3.35 M)
    • Weight: 2400 lbs (1089 kg)
    • Voltage: Specify 12V | 24V (Specify 12V | 24V)

    TEI can reconfigure existing rock drills for use when longer strokes are required. Our extended attachment provides the longest stroke possible while still allowing the drill to be transported while attached to the excavator. The mast offers a 25 ft (7.6 m) stroke with a 15 ft (4.6 m) rod-adder. The rod-adder has a positive grip that keeps the drill rod or auger in place regardless of the drilling angle. The TEI Extended Excavator Rock Drill can install a 40 ft (12.2 m) soil nail or micropile with only one operator.


    The TEI Rock Drill Excavator attachment is ideal for use in difficult low, high and confined environment where its 360-degree swivel capabilities offer an extreme range of motion. The built-in swivel accepts air, water or grout for all types of drilling techniques additional drill positioning can be provided with the installation of a second 360-degree positioner that will move the drill feed from one side of the excavator boom to the other, enabling the drilling attachment to reach even the most difficult drilling positions.