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TEI Innovation Drives Our Powerful Drills

TEI Rock Drills is the leading manufacturer of excavator drill attachments, rock drill components and limited access drill rigs. Our unique drilling platform incorporates innovative TEI drilling technology with the construction industry’s most rugged soil and rock drilling components.

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The Most Advanced Soil and Rock Drilling Platform

TEI quality drilling equipment is the contractor’s first choice for soil nailing and micropile operations. It works hard on mining and tunneling job sites worldwide.

The TEI drilling team is working hard on work sites for soil, micropile, mining and tunneling around the world.

TEI maintains the construction equipment industry’s most advanced rock drill manufacturing facility.

Stay Outside The Red Zone

TEI Hydraulic Casing Handler

The HCC-10 Hydraulic Casing Handler excavator attachment is designed to meet expected safety guidelines regarding the handling of drill pipe and casing in field applications. This innovative TEI Rock Drill pipe handler attaches easily and quickly to the excavator stick and auxiliary hydraulics on most 8 ton and larger excavators. The TEI HCC-10 Hydraulic Casing Handler can grasp '5-10' length of drill pipe and casing together and fully position them over the drill rig. The drill operator can rely on this unique TEI to accurately position the pipe and casing.

The HCC-10 eliminates the possibility of serious jobsite injury caused by hand-positioning the drill string and casing.

Equipment/Operator Support

TEI provides extraordinary customer support for the most innovative drilling equipment available to construction professionals. TEI also offers the heralded hollow bar school, equipment seminars, and online drilling information regarding soil nail walls, micropile, tunnel development, and other geotechnical uses for TEI rock drills and drilling components.