Hollow Bar Soil Nailing

Hollow bar soil nails are ideal for vertical and sub-vertical installation in any soil environment, but the installation process is best suited for unstable ground conditions. The injection of grout through the hollow bar during installation improves the integrity of the surrounding soil, and reduces the overall project’s time and cost.

Hollow bar installation provides cost-efficient stabilization for a myriad of geotechnical problems. The equipment necessary to install hollow bars is relatively minimal. You only need a TEI drill platform, portable grout plant, hollow bars and the appropriate hardware.


TEI Rock Drills are hard at work installing soil nails and micropiles worldwide. TEI rock drilling equipment produces quality performances and efficiencies unique in today’s construction and mining markets. Our drilling platform incorporates innovative TEI technology with the most rugged soil and rock drilling components. And TEI’s double rotators easily accommodate hard to reach high, low and tight drilling positions.