Western Equipment Hollow Bar Seminar 2019

On November 7 & 8, 2019, Western Equipment Solutions (WES) sponsored the fall TEI Rock Drills Hollow Bar Seminar in Salt Lake City, Utah. WES opened the event with a catered cocktail reception and a lovely hotel stay at the Embassy Suites hotel in West Valley City. The following day, the seminar began with industry experts including; Billy Aller-TEI Sales Manager, Craig Berninger-Western Equipment Solutions Sales Manager, Frank Moore-Infrastructure Consulting Inc., Brian Kassel-Foothills Drilling Equipment, Ben Vanderweide-Intric Grout Plant Solutions, and Dr. Antonino Marinucci, MBA, PE of V2C Strategists.

The “Use of Hollow Bars for Micropiling, Ground Anchoring, and Soil Nailing” was presented to the attendees by Dr. Marinucci to rave reviews from those in attendance. Topics such as proper hollow bar installation method, total cost, equipment maintenance, how to bid, and details concerning bar sizes, couplers and bits were all covered.

Case studies were presented by Charles Braun of Williams Form Engineering of the Wyoming State Capitol in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Phillip Howells with Jones Drilling and Shoring presented an outstanding display of a multitude of TEI projects they have recently completed. Mark Howells of Jones Drilling and Shoring, ran a live demo of the excavator mounted TEI HEM760, installing hollow bar in the WES yard, while also simulating grouting techniques with the Intric Grout Plant D9.

We thoroughly appreciate the overwhelming client response and positive feedback we have received in regard to the successful use of TEI Rock Drills equipment. We generously thank our attendees, guest presenters, Jones Drilling and Shoring, TEI Rock Drills and WES staff for an outstanding event! For more information on TEI Rock Drills or to attend the next Hollow Bar Seminar, please contact Craig Berninger at 801-560-9170 or craigb@westernequipmentsolutions.com.