TEI Rock Drills in China


TEI drifters in China

It’s been a very busy fall here at TEI and recently Glenn Patterson completed a sales and service trip to China with the TEI distributor Ougan. The main purpose of this visit was to commission the first TE1000s on the new Yutong anchor/micropile rigs. Yutong was impressed with the ASA system used in TEI drifters and were excited to use the American built drifters on their drill rigs. The Automatic Stroke Adjustment does exactly what it says; all TEI drifters will reduce the frequency and energy of the percussion impact when the drill string is not engaged with the ground or rock. Glenn stayed with Yutong for two days explaining the differences between the American TEI drifter and the European build drifters. In the end all of the technical departments at Yutong were satisfied with the TE1000 and were ready to operate the machine. As you can see the first TE1000 drifters at Yutong are on anchor rigs built for the Chinese military Engineering Corps. TEI is looking forward to a continued relationship with Yutong in the future and providing many more American made products for use on their drill rigs.

Glenn also visited other drill rig manufacturers as well as TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) manufacturers and also manufacturers of the hollow bar micropile system. A very busy two weeks flying around China to build TEI business. TEI is finding success in China as a supplier of OEM components to Chinese manufacturers. The Chinese manufacturers are very capable of building their own drill rigs but prefer to use American or European components to build a better quality rig. TEI has been busy meeting with these manufacturers to show how using the TEI American Drifters it is possible for them to build a better drill rig. So far things are moving well and increasing as time goes by. TEI would like to again thank our distributor Ougan for working hard to prepare these meetings and making them a success. TEI is proud to send our products to the Asian market.

TE1000 drifter installed on a new anchor at the Yutong factory in China.

TE1000 drifter installed on a new anchor at the Yutong factory in China.

We still got a little red on that drifter!