The TEI Skid Steer Drill Attachment is designed to maximize the utility of this popular loader.

Our skid steer drilling attachment includes a universal mounting plate that conveniently connects to most skid steer models.


    With forward face drilling position, the base rotating boom and series of hydraulic cylinders, allows the MSM drill to be positioned in various other useful drilling positions. This includes up, down, sideways and even upside down.

    The MSM drill can therefore perform other precision tasks such as side wall and roof support drilling. The two front stabilizers keep the drill robustly in position in all of these drilling configurations and fold up out of harms way.

    Standard Features of the MSM:

    • Choice of powerful 9 to 11 kW percussion drill heads with high torque options for bolting.
    • ACF aluminim chain feed for 2.4 meter rods.
    • Base rotating boom with 3.5 meter vertical reach.
    • Covers full 3 meter vertical reach.
    • Two front stabilizers for support during drilling and fold up for traveling

    Optional Features of the MSM:

    • RDS250 rotary top drive.
    • Hydraulic clamp.

    TEI’s skid steer attachment is available with either our patented hydraulic drifters or the RDS line of rotary heads. This unique drilling platform is capable of most drilling techniques including grouted hollow bar soil nails and micropiles, augers, coring, rock drilling and mud and air rotary applications.
    The HCM Skid Steer Attachment is designed to maximize the utility of these popular machines. Manufactured with the universal mounting plate the HCM fits most models of skid steers.

    Standard Features of the HCM:

    • TEI Patented Drifters or Rotary Heads
    • TEI Cylinder or Chain Style Feed System
    • HCM Mount with 360-degree Positioning
    • Manually Operated Hydraulic Controls

    Optional Features of the HCM:

    • Radio Controlled Hydraulic Valves
    • Single Hydraulic Foot Clamp
    • Double Clamp and Breaker
    • Dust Suppression System