TEI manufactures a lightweight drill attachment specifically designed for 5 to 8 ton mini excavators.

This advanced drilling platform incorporates many of the same unique and rugged features found on our larger excavator attachment. The TEI Mini Excavator Drill Attachment provides the power required for typical rock drilling applications and is ideal for installing rock bolts, soil nails and micropiles in residential and limited access areas.


    As with all our drilling platforms, the Mini uses only TEI drifters and rotary heads. Our unique hydraulic drifters are driven by a patented internal Automatic Stroke Adjustment (ASA) system that only allows full percussion power when the drill string is engaged. Or, you can choose from TEI’s full line of field proven rotary heads for all the power you require.

    This drilling attachment is also fitted with an innovative swivel that can pass air, water and grout to accommodate the installation of hollow bar soil nails. Our standard mini excavator drill has one 360-degree positioner and a single hydraulic clamp on the drill feed. This configuration assures the TEI Mini Excavator Drill Attachment will perform well in most drilling applications.

    Positioning capabilities can be increased with the addition of a second 360-degree positioner. A second 360-degree positioner offers unlimited positioning for the difficult to reach job.

    Standard Features of the MME:

    • TEI Patented Drifter or TEI Rotary Head
    • ACF Aluminum Chain Feed for m-m Rods
    • Radio Remote Controls with Manual Override
    • MME Mount with 360 – Degree Positioning
    • HCA4 Single Hydraulic Foot Clamp


    Optional Features of the MME:

    • Second 360 – Degree Positioner
    • Misting for Dust Suppression
    • European Union Approved Safety Cage
    • DM300 Hydraulic Power Pack