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Hydraulic drifters at the pinnacle of power.

Our TEI hydraulic drifters feature patented technology that sets our drilling platforms at the pinnacle of power. TEI drifters are designed to provide the power necessary for efficient soil nailing, micropile and other rock and soil drilling applications.

TEI drifters incorporate innovative Automatic Stroke Adjustment (ASA) technology as part of the percussion system. The high frequency and smooth operation of the ASA system increases productivity and extends the equipment’s life cycle well beyond the dated drilling technology employed by other manufacturers.

Unlike other manufacturer’s equipment, TEI’s patented technology only produces full impact energy when the drill string is engaged. When hitting a void or not having enough feed pressure , TEI’s advanced Automatic Stroke Adjustment reduces the piston’s stroke and frequency, therefore lessening the energy absorbed by the drifter and premature wear on parts.
The ASA action eliminates the wasted energy caused by “dry firing” or using the percussion system with no rock to absorb the energy. TEI drifters are fully bench tested for percussion performance and rotational torque prior to delivery to the end user.


  • TE60HT-Hydraulic-Drifter
    • unique extremely short design
    • high frequency percussion unit
    • vacuum system for roof bolting
    • TEI patented ASA percussion
    • output power: 12 HP (9 kW)
    • rotation torque: 200-1000 lbf-ft (1361 Nm)
    • weight: 105/171 lbs (48/78 kgs)


  • TE260-Hydraulic-Drifter
    • high torque design for hollow bars
    • compact design for drifting and tunneling
    • TEI patented ASA percussion
    • output power: 13 HP (10 kW)
    • rotation torque: 200-1000 lbf-ft (273-1361 Nm)
    • weight: 144/182 lbs (65/83 kgs)


  • TEI TE360 Drifter Hidraulico, TEI perforadora de rocas, TEI, TEI Rock Drills
    • sleek low profile design
    • high power to weight ratio
    • percussion system with ASA
    • output power: 14.75 HP (11 kW)
    • rotation torque: 1800 lbf-ft (2400 Nm)
    • weight: 210 lbs (95 kgs)


  • TE560-896-1
    • high torque hydraulic drifter
    • fits most mid-sized anchor rigs
    • TEI patented ASA percussion
    • output power: 25 HP (19 kW)
    • rotation torque: 3000 lbf-ft (4000 Nm)
    • weight: 544 lbs (247 kgs)


  • Drifter Hidraulico, Plataforma de perforacion, Accesorio de perforacion para excavadoras
    • Low torque for rock Blastholes
    • 2”-4” (52-101mm) hole size
    • TEI patented ASA percussion
    • output power: 36 HP (26.7 kW)
    • rotation torque: 735 lbf-ft (1000 Nm)
    • weight: 374 lbs (170 kgs)


  • TE1000
    • 3 accumulators for smooth percussion
    • shortest and lowest profile in its power class
    • low pressure snubber cushion
    • percussion system with ASA
    • output power: 31 HP (25 kW)
    • rotation torque: Up to 10,000 lbf-ft (Up to 13,605 Nm)
    • weight: 1000 lbs (452 kgs)


    • High power to weight ratio
    • TEI patented ASA percussion
    • Output power: 14.75 HP (11 kW)
    • Rotation torque: up to 200 lbf-ft (27 Nm)
    • Weight: 178 lbs (81kg)

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