First Hollow Bar Seminar Held in Columbus, NC.

TEI Rock Drills and their distributor Foothills Drilling Equipment recently completed a hollow bar seminar May 3-4 at Foothills’ facility in Columbus, NC.  This was held in response to many of our eastern USA customers asking for a shorter version of the hollow bar school and specifically for owners and estimators.  The seminar was very similar to the popular hollow bar installation school held at the TEI factory except that the seminar did not offer instruction on the operation of the drilling and grouting equipment and did not cover testing of hollow bars.  The seminar provided instruction only and a demonstration of hollow bar installation.


The presenters were industry professionals and many of the same people teaching at the school including Allen Cadden from Schnabel Engineering covering the testing of hollow bars and Eberhard Heinemann covering the grouting.  Joe Patterson and Billy Allery came from the TEI factory to teach and also to oversee the event and keep it up to the high standards of a TEI event.  An opening reception was held at the hotel the night before the seminar to allow everyone to get acquainted and pick-up their classroom materials for the next day.


The seminar topics covered the TEI hollow bar installation method, hollow bar sizes and capacities, grouting, hollow bar job from quote to payment and testing methods for hollow bars.  To keep things interesting Kevin Day of Axiom Foundation and Michael Miluski from CGC Inc. gave their unbridled recommendations and experiences for contractors getting into the hollow bar business.  In the middle of all this classroom work a nice BBQ lunch was catered by Foothills Drilling Equipment.  After the last presentation everyone went outside to witness a hollow bar micropile installed from beginning to end.  The demonstration used a TEI MME260HT mini-excavator drill and an Obermann VS63 grout plant.


All 30 attendees were very satisfied with the first TEI hollow bar seminar.  All agreed that this was a great way to become initiated to the popular construction method and gain some good contacts for future questions and opinions.  It is safe to say we will be holding this seminar again next year at Foothills and probably a few other places around the world.  At TEI we always strive to help our customers become successful.  This hollow bar seminar along with our other schools and annual Open House give TEI customers that chance to learn and mingle with other contractors performing the same work around the world.