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TEI Rock Drills Makes History in South Dakota

Powerful Precision Drills

A TEI MME Excavator Attachment ready to work on a gorgeous South Dakota morning


Just 17 miles from Mount Rushmore, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Crazy Horse Memorial stands tall and proud, chiseled in part by powerful precision drills out of the granite rock. This much-loved monument receives over a million visitors a year, despite being in a constant state of construction since sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski first envisioned it in 1946.

An inspiration himself, born to Polish immigrants in Boston only to be orphaned a year later, the uneducated artist went on to have one of his marble portraits win first prize at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. His award caught the attention of Henry Standing Bear, who invited him on behalf of the Oglala Sioux to create a memorial to their hero, Crazy Horse.

Known for bravely leading Sioux warriors in multiple battles against the new settlers and gold rushers utterly decimating their way of life, Crazy Horse was killed in captivity after his eventual surrender in 1877. He lives on forever in Ziolkowski’s 563-foot-high by 641-foot-long depiction; a true inspiration not only to his ancestors but to all those disenfranchised.


TEI’s Powerful Precision Drills Simplify the Task


Carving the monumental masterpiece hasn’t been easy, and the work is still on-going. Ziolkowski had to trust his artistic eye, self-taught geological knowledge, and simple tools. At first, he single-jacked or hand drilled holes for blasting, an extremely tedious procedure. Today, lasers for measurement and heavy-duty rock drills for blast holes are making this complex project somewhat simpler for the Crazy Horse Mountain Crew, as the dedicated experts are known, but it remains a painstaking process:


This is the opposite of most blasting operations, where the main concern is the final size and location of the material being blasted away … Rock to be removed is drilled on all sides with a series of parallel drill holes (pre-splitting.) Explosives are detonated throughout the entire length of each of the drill holes, cleanly removing the desired rock while leaving the remaining rock undamaged.” – crazyhorsememorial.org


Pre-splitting with powerful precision drills

Pre-splitting the granite before blasting is like perforating a piece of paper before tearing


TEI Rock Drills has been working with the mountain crew for some time: our highly durable, powerful precision drills are the perfect match. But drilling into granite creates a great deal of dust, which makes visibility and breathing difficult on the job site. The Mountain Crew asked TEI VP Glenn Patterson for a solution, and a custom-made Dust Pup was born. Recently, Glenn visited again with the crew in South Dakota to talk about further equipment tweaks and updates they may require as they get closer to finishing this American Icon.

Dust Pup on right attached to powerful precision drill

Dust Pup on right attached to MME drill for dust collection


An Enduring Legacy


“If you don’t have faith, if you don’t have any imagination, if you don’t have a dream — what are you doing here?” – Ruth Ziolkowski

Unfortunately, both Korczak Ziolkowski and his wife, Ruth, who also greatly helped to shape the project over many years, passed away before they could see their labor of love to completion. The family continues the tremendous work their father began. A welcome center, museums, and frequent special events are just a few of the cultural offerings to explore in addition to the memorial itself. TEI Rock Drills is so proud to be a part of history!

TEI Rock Drills’ Open House 2018 Showcases New Products

TEI Rock Drills’ Open House 2018 Showcases New Products

TEI Rock Drills Open HouseSpecial friends and guests met in Montrose, Colorado on Wednesday, October 3, 2018 for TEI Rock Drill’s Annual Open House. This event brought together leaders in the foundation drilling, energy, and mining sectors from North and South America and as far away as Europe, South Africa, and New Zealand for two days of learning and fun.

Attendees were welcomed with a cocktail and hors d’oeuvre reception the evening before the event, then gathered the following morning in the TEI Classroom for presentations, hands-on demonstrations, and tours. Sales managers shared informative, amusing updates from their territories and, along with engineers, advised the group on the details of TEI’s latest products.

TEI ClassesPresentations focused on the new lightweight and user-friendly TD100 drill rig; the RDS1500, a new rotary drill with a low profile, compact size, and short overall length; and the TE760, a combination of the percussion power of the TE726 and the rotational torque of the TE560. These offerings further expand TEI’s line of limited access drilling equipment.

The popular TEI Hollow Bar School will take place in Montrose, Colorado June 2-8, 2019. Call 800-777-3745 now to reserve your space.

TEI Rock Drills is an industry leader in the manufacture of rock drill excavator attachments, limited access drill rigs, safety equipment, and associated components. All TEI products are created by in-house engineers, uniquely patented, and manufactured in our ISO-compliant facility. TEI equipment is proudly made exclusively in the US with American made parts to ensure quality, efficiency, and up-to-the-minute innovation.

TEI Rock Drills Company Photo

Electra Mine Expo Update

Electra Mine Expo Update

DDE Shop AfricaThis year’s Electra Mine Expo, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, was a well-attended event with nice weather throughout the week.  South African TEI Distributer DDE (Demolition and Drilling Equipment) had an outdoor booth showcasing many TEI drifters and attachments mounted on skid steers, mini excavators, and Brokk carriers.

The new TE326 and TE726 drifters drew serious attention from the mining industry and OEM manufacturers, especially the MSM326 skid steer attachment mounted on a Manitou carrier.  This drilling attachment turns the carrier into a mini-jumbo with remote radio operation. This MSM left the show and went straight to Manitou’s equipment yard for promotional photos to be distributed worldwide.

The Electra Mine Expo lasted five days, making for a long show for everyone working the booth.  It was nice to have consistent traffic to keep us busy during these extended days.  After the show on Saturday, we all took a journey to the Kruger National Park to see some African wildlife.

Also, after the expo, we had a chance to meet with several of our wonderful clients. We’re so excited about what the future has in store!

Elephants in Africa



WHO: Owners, Engineers & Estimators

WHEN: November 8th & 9th, 2018

WHERE: Western Equipment Solutions, 681 South March Street, Salt Lake, UT 84104

Please join Western Equipment Solutions & TEI Rock Drills at Western Equipment’s, Salt Lake City, Utah office. Western Equipment Solutions will be hosting a seminar designed for owners, engineers, and estimators. An educational event covering the selection, installation method, and testing of hollow bar micro piles and soil nail systems.

The seminar is limited to 30 attendees; please respond as soon as possible.

Send completed registration form to Sydnie Roehrman via fax (970)249-1999 or email sydnie@teirockdrills.com by October 18th, 2018.

*Cancellations must be made at least 30 days prior to November 8th in order to receive a full refund.