TEI Rock Drills Offers Equipment for Any Application

Your Company Can Depend on the Reliability and Stability of TEI Attachments

When you’ve got an important drilling job, you want to use the best possible and most dependable equipment available. TEI Rock Drills provides high-quality products to the world’s top drilling companies, including the three main types of drill attachments, each of which can help in its own way. Here’s everything you need to know about them.


Excavator Attachments

The excavator attachment is a highly versatile piece of equipment that offers an amazing range of motion. When you’re trying to complete a job and run into unexpected challenges, the excavator attachment does what you need. The attachment’s double 360-degree rotations can get into tight spots when nothing else works.

Standard features include TEI patented drifters or rotary heads, a HEM mount with 360-degree positioning, and radio/cable controls with manual override. The extended attachment has a mast with a 25-foot stroke and a 15-foot rock adder. This allows for a more efficient operation because it only requires one operator to install a 40-foot soil nail or micropile.


Mini-Excavator Attachments

The Mini offers all the same features of the full-size excavator attachments. The hydraulic drifters are internally powered by a patented Automatic Stroke Adjustment. It only operates at maximum power when the drill string is in use. You can even swap out the rotary head for a different one from the full TEI product line.

The Mini differs from the full-size excavator because it only has one 360-degree positioner and one hydraulic clamp on the drill feed. This provides the capacity you need for most applications. However, you can add a second 360-degree positioner when you need a little extra power. This lightweight attachment is designed for five to eight-ton mini-excavators, ideal for residential or limited-access installation areas.


Skid Steer Drill Attachment

When you need a versatile attachment for an HCM skid steer drill, TEI has you covered. It works in multiple applications, including coring, augers, rock drilling, grouted hollow bar micropiles and soil nails, and mud and air rotary purposes. This drill attachment includes a mounting plate that attaches to most skid steer models. It’s available with either the RDS line of rotary heads or a TEI hydraulic drifter.

The skid steer drill attachment is equipped with a universal mounting plate which fits most models of skid steers.

TEI has equipment that can benefit the drilling needs of nearly any company. Our innovation drives our powerful drills and makes us the leading manufacturer of excavator drill attachments, rock drill components, and limited access drill rigs. To download a brochure about each of our rock drill excavator attachments visit us online.


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