HCC-10 Hydraulic Casing Safety Handler excavator attachment is designed to meet expected new safety guidelines regarding the handling of drill pipes and casings in field applications. This innovative pipe handler attaches easily and quickly to the excavator stick and auxiliary hydraulics on most 8 ton excavators.

The TEI HCC-10 Hydraulic Casing Safety Handler can grasp a length of drill pipe and casing together from a  rack and fully position them vertically or horizontally over the drill rig. The drill operator can rely on this unique TEI equipment to accurately position the pipe and casing as the tubular material threads into the drill string.

The HCC-10 eliminates the possibility of serious jobsite injury caused by hand-turning the drill string when adding pipe and casing.

This wide range of electric drilling power makes TEI limited access drills perfect for operating through narrow or low entrances/exits, under buildings, or in tunnels and mining applications. The TEI Electric Track Drill requires no separate power pack, reduces noise and fumes and removes the need for bulky hydraulic hoses throughout the drilling area.

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