In 2016 OSHA implemented stricter regulations on exposure to silica dust for American construction workers. These new rules are designed to keep workers safe and outline methods for controlling dust. Dust suppression using water is the most highly recommended method for reducing workers to excessive exposure to silica dust.

The TEI Dust Suppression System for rock drills efficiently injects water into the drilling air, reducing dust by up to 98% to comply with local and federal safety regulations regarding dust and silica.

Our TE30851 Misting System is equipped with a 25 gallon water tank that provides dust suppression for 4-8 hours depending on the size of the hole.

The easy-to-use system employs a pneumatic water pump that receives air power from the drill flush-air. This creates more pressure than the air and injects the water back into the airline creating a mist that can be easily adjusted for water-to-air ratio.

TEI TE30851 W Dust Suppression 525