TEI Rock Drills manufactures a variety of drill feed systems (mast) for use as framework for our drilling platform components. TEI feed systems are available with custom mounting plates for TEI drill heads or flat plates that can be configured for your own drill head.

Our PCF/PCFH chain feeds are shorter with drill travel covering the entire length of the feed. The HCF/HCFH feeds use our patented internal hose real system keeping hoses inside the feed and away from the drill rig.


  •  HCF  patented hydraulic cylinder feed system
  •  HCFH  patented heavy hydraulic cylinder feed system
  •  HCFE66  hydraulic extendable feed system
  •  PCF  hydraulic chain feed system
  •  PCFH  hydraulic heavy chain feed system
  •  PCFHED  hydraulic heavy chain feeds with up to 40-feet of travel
  •  SCF48X  lightest steel feed system
  •  ACF  aluminum chain feed system
TEI ACF Chain Feed 800